Tugboat RT Raven

Tugboat RT Raven

October 19th 2018 I Written by Alphatron I READING TIME 5 MINUTES
Alphatron Marine equipped a dual tugboat console to the unique Infield Support Vessel (ISV) RT Raven, the largest and most powerful Rotortug ever built. The delivery to the vessels consists of a split forward and aft AlphaBridge console setup including JRC Solid State MFD radar, Dynamic Positioning system and all required navigation and communication equipment.

The RT Raven is a 46 meter-long, 100-ton bollard-pull Rotortug® for offshore support. She is designed and outfitted for operations in the Timor Sea, 500km north-west of Darwin and 250km south of East Timor. The ship meets the field’s unique marine service requirements which include tanker berthing and operations support, including emergency response.

Alphatron Marine equipped the RT Raven with different navigation and communication (GMDSS A3) equipment including the AlphaDynaPos DP2 dynamic positioning system. This system automatically controls a vessel's position by activating thrusters based upon data as received from position reference systems, gyrocompasses, wind sensors and motion reference units.

Alphatron Marine is one of the key partners for Damen newbuildings and Albwardy Damen. The Alphatron Marine team understood the challenges that Damen had ahead and together they faced the challenges of this one of a kind complex project, resulting in a highest quality vessel with a unique split forward and aft bridge with maximum control.

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