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Innovative technology for eco-friendly applications

The maritime industry is controlled by strict rules and regulations, whether environmental requirements or construction speciications. These stipulations play a decisive role whenever new vessels are designed and built or when older vessels are retroitted to the latest technical and ecological standards.

For this reason, water-lubricated sterntube systems, including polymer bushes, are becoming increasingly popular for marine applications. These solutions, including our new Simplex BlueRun products, have turned out to fulill the most stringent environmental requirements, such as the VGP 2013 or Polar Code.

Simplex BlueRun delivers the perfect solution for waterlubricated applications. The innovative products are part of the Simplex portfolio, including 70 years of market experience in shaft line solutions as well as excellent technological expertise in the area of shaft components. This means you not only receive the most advanced technology and service from a single source, but also every possible component like polymer bushes, sterntube seals and various accessories.

Last but not least, the Simplex BlueRun system is easy to install – and easy to use. Thanks to their numerous advantages the Simplex BlueRun water-lubricated sterntube systems offer an attractive option for today’s maritime demands.

Spectrum of applications

The special qualities of the SKF Simplex BlueRun waterlubricated sterntube systems make them the eco-friendly solution for all kinds of vessels, especially:

  • cruise vessels and yachts
  • ferries
  • offshore supply vessels
  • commercial vessels, such as container vessels (US waters, Polar Code)
  • coast guard, governmental vessels and harbour authorities’ vessels
  • inland waterway vessels (including tug boats and dredgers)
  • fishing boats
  • naval vessels
which operate primarily in coastal or special protected areas.

Simplex Bluerun

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