At ShipSupport, we help maritime companies to simplify and speed up the procurement of their spare parts. Next to the largest maritime webshop (MyShop) we also offer two digital procurement optimization solutions: MyFleet and MyConnection.

MyFleet – Your personalized webshop

MyFleet is your personalized, digital, technical vessel fleet records database and commercial online products catalogue in one. The platform allows you to access and consult your most recent technical drawings and manuals any time while at the same time enjoying the ready-to-order product lists containing drawing position numbers, prices and ready-to-ship times.

Provide us with your technical documentation and we will set up your personalized webshop.


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What are the benefits of MyFleet?

The benefits of your personalized MyFleet environment are:

  • Your own purchasing environment gives you a quick overview of your vessels and only the components relevant to your fleet
  • You can easily access, review or download your technical documentation at any time
  • You no longer need to cross-check between your documentation system and your procurement system. Thanks to MyFleet, they are combined;
  • All your spare parts are listed complete with: your loyalty prices and estimated ready-to-ship times, next to your own drawing position number, which makes the purchasing process easy and error-proof. 
  • MyFleet can be set up to grant or limit access to specific vessel data as per the client’s request. If different vessels in your fleet are registered under separate legal entities, we are able to set up your accounts accordingly. 

MyFleet vs. MyConnection

MyFleet is a solution for vessel owners looking for a straightforward procurement and digitization tool, where users can easily access the technical documentation and re-order spare parts. Our second product - My Connection - provides full integration, where clients can connect their existing ERP systems to the ShipSupport's catalogue. For more information, please go to: MyConnection

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Discover how MyFleet can improve your procurement processes. See for yourself how easy it is to order components when both the technical and commercial information is available for you on one intuitive platform. Request a demo:



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