What is MyFleet?

At ShipSupport, we see our customer’s struggle to get the right part for their vessel, on time to avoid costly downtime. Nowadays, a seemingly simple process of ordering the right part can be extremely complex, time-consuming and costly. If our customers would like to order their part, they have to go through a long and unnecessary process.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could order all your parts and get them in a single delivery? How about placing an order on your mobile phone?

For the past two years, we researched our customer’s journey and came up with a personalised way to make sure our clients get the right parts fast! The team came up with an efficient way to link data within ship design, shipbuilding, operational management, service and procurement!

The strongest advantage ShipSupport offers our customers is our heritage. We emerged from one of the world’s leading technology innovators in the maritime industry - Royal IHC. With a rich history going back to the 17th century, Royal IHC has been pushing the industry forward by supporting new ways to help their customers to get the most out of their vessels and equipment. ShipSupport is a natural next step for customers, in the maritime industry, to order their parts online.

No more spending time to manage multiple suppliers, negotiate best prices or manage multiple shipments & invoices. It’s all in the past.

At ShipSupport, we know what it takes to build a ship and how to keep it operational. One of the main features of MyFleet is allowing our customers to find the right part - fast. This is not a one time service we provide, but a long-lasting relationship we offer to help our customers manage their data. Together, we create a digital copy of the vessel and the extensive parts list allows our customers to be certain you are getting the right replacement part for your vessel.

Too many middlemen in the supply chain result in operating expenses (OpEx) going up and those working hard struggle to make a profit.

The workflow in larger organisations increases administrative hassle - both on the supplier and on the customer side. We see this process and offer an alternative.

Interested? Send us your request and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

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