Safe on the high seas

Anchoring of ships or depositing of cargo on the bottom of the sea – the potential uses for winches in marine and offshore areas are extremely varied. Safety is always the highest priority. With an additionally included valve in the control manifold DSE by Rexroth, the retention forces are maintained even when the brake is inactive. The compact construction type reduces costs and installation effort for the user.

With regard to winches the safety aspect is of utmost importance. If, for example, the hydraulics supply to the winch is interrupted without activation of a brake, in the worst case the load on the hook can fall uncontrollably. To guarantee safety even in these cases, Rexroth installed an additional valve that reacts to falling oil pressure. It keeps the oil in the hydraulic motor and thus prevents oil from escaping into the tank. While the motor will rotate slowly, it will not cavitate and the holding forces will be maintained. The user can select between multi-disk brakes and a brake band, which effects the edge of the winch drum. An automatic brake release function with integrated pressure reduction valve is available to release the brake.

The winch control valves of the DSE product line can be installed directly on the motor without the need for pipes or hoses. Thus, the manufacturer does not only save costs, but also installation effort. Eliminating the lines also avoids the risk of leaking hoses, pipes or couplings.

With a possible flow through of 60 to 700 l/min and a maximum pressure of 250 bar, the product line is primarily suitable for use with larger winches. Thanks to the modular design, the suitable control manifold can be adopted to the customer's requirements. Functions such as self-centering, operation with two speeds and mooring can be easily added to the main manifold.

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