Power optimized filter elements for power plant applications

Power optimized filter elements for power plant applications

October 19th 2018 I BY Hydac I READING TIME 6 MINUTES
HYDAC has developed a new element technology for power plant applications. The filter elements in the Optimicron® Power series exhibit impressively high levels of robustness, safety and a particularly low pressure drop. In addition, Optimicron® filter elements are compact in design and ensure homogeneous incident flow of the fluid.


When used in power plant applications such as turbine lubrication or in the lift system of the turbine, specific requirements are demanded of the filter elements. Since centrifugal pumps are used in this sector, the main emphasis is on obtaining the lowest possible pressure drop when filtering the fluid concerned. In addition, ever finer filtration is also required in power plant applications. Another complication is in the form of the low conductivity oils, based on new compositions necessitated by environmental regulations, amongst others. The danger with low conductivity is electrostatic discharging. In response to these special demands HYDAC has developed the new Optimicron® Power filter elements. With the introduction of a new type of support for the filter mesh pack, the flow channels along the mesh pack have been optimized and the flow gradient inside the pleat has been optimized by improving the flow conditions. This ensures homogeneous incident flow of the fluid through the filter medium.

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Moreover, as a consequence, the result is an unimaginably low pressure differential. Due to the very low pressure drop, the whole filter can be made smaller which contributes to a marked reduction in cost. The Optimicron® Power elements achieve an optimum pressure differential with a high filtration rating during filtration and comply with the API Standard 614 / ISO 10438. In addition, the outer sleeve has a new type of perforation which ensures exceptionally high tensile strength. Electrostatic charging in the system is safely prevented by the new Stat-Free® technology which is also incorporated into the new Optimicron® Power elements. This technology prevents the sparking, deflagrations and accelerated oil ageing caused by electrostatic discharging. Consequently a high level of operating safety and longer oil change intervals are the result. The new Optimicron® Power filter elements are therefore specially recommended for use in the power plant sector, particularly for systems serving the turbine lubrication.

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