Oriente Expedition completed with Parker equipment on board

Parker, the global leader in motion and control technologies, supported the Oriente Expedition initiated by the Brazilian family SchurmannFamily in 2014. Parker provided with the cooler system, hydraulic system, oil filter, oil fuel, water desalination system, valves, hoses and connectors for this vessel.

The Expedição Oriente was done during more than 2 years, with a crew of 8 to 12 persons, sailed 50 countries, over 50 000km, with Vilfredo Schurmann as captain and Wilhelm Schurmann to maintain the mechanical room.

The Sailboat Kat was specially developed for this project with Parker hydraulic system to guaranty the creation of new energy to create movement and navigate the boat.

In addition to this technology, the boat was also equipped with a Parker system with water desalination, the solution responsible for providing drinking water to crew members during the long trip. This Parker system allowed them to produce 140 liters of drinking water per hour. The total of water needed per day for 8 people was 400-500 liters.

The crew reported that the Parker hydraulic system and valves operated every day without any problem. After one year of continuous daily use, the pre-filtering system and Diesel’s filtering of the 2 motors didn’t need to be changed and were still very performing.

The hydraulic system didn’t suffer from the low temperature during the traveling through the ice continent.

The perfect filtering of the combustive and of the hydraulic oil is essential for the navigation security. For this the vessel Kat was equipped with a filtering system similar as the one used in aviation, formed with a pre-filter and 3 separated Racor Parker water filters links to each other, equipped with the flow meter and level sensor. The watermarker membranes and filter were one of the equipment the most operated of Kat's vessel.

The hydraulic bow thruster did a huge difference against the ocean current and strong wind to allow them to reduce the use of electrical energy in the sailboat. Parker gave them total security in any situation: extensive heat, extreme cold, strong storm.
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Written by

Delphine Camberlin | Source: Parker Brazil

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