Technical and economic leadership

Technical and economic leadership

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Construction machinery and conveying equipment are being designed as increasingly compact while their power levels are continually increasing. This increase in power density places increasingly high demands on the rolling bearings used. This is particularly true for rope sheaves made from plastic or steel, since these must transmit very high power levels with high operational security under a wide variety of environmental and operating conditions. The rolling bearings used are subject to very high demands in terms of functional security, rating life and environmental durability. Rolling bearings are now used in preference if they have high load carrying capacity, are extremely reliable, have a very long rating life and are very easy to fit.

For applications in rope sheaves, Schaeffler offers two series of bearings giving major customer benefits. Cylindrical roller bearings with annular slots are available in the light series SL04..-PP and in the dimension series 50 as a heavy series SL0450..-PP for higher loads. The full complement rope sheave bearings are locating bearings and have the following essential characteristics:


  • very high rigidity
  • high load carrying capacity, since they can support moderate axial forces in both directions as well as high radial forces
  • annular slots in the outer ring for the support of retaining rings
  • specially matched initial lubrication
  • seals on both sides for protection of the raceway system
  • the anti-corrosion coating system Corrotect®.

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