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At ShipSupport, we help maritime companies to simplify and speed up the procurement of their spare parts. Next to the largest maritime webshop (MyShop) we also offer two digital procurement optimization solutions to make: MyFleet and MyConnection.

MyConnection gives our customers the possibility to integrate their existing procurement software with the ShipSupport's catalogue.


What are the benefits of MyConnection integration?

Connecting your procurement system with our catalogue does not only make sourcing off-the-shelf products more straightforward - it is also an important step towards long-term optimization of your procurement processes, without compromising on your existing procurement procedures. It simply saves you money, time and increases efficiency.

When the connection is set up, you will be able to shop products on ShipSupport and transfer the content of your shopping cart back to your ERP system, where it will await approval from the budget holder. No orders will be placed until they are approved in your own procurement system. Once approved within your organization, the order will be transferred and processed by ShipSupport. 

You can use your purchasing systems for fast and cost-effective order processing without having to import extensive catalogue data into your system. Issuing and following up on RFQ's is not necessary – you have direct access to ShipSupport's product range, including attractive loyalty prices assigned to your account. All prices are fully transparent, which helps you get a better overview of your purchasing.

Integration helps you directly lower the order processing costs. You no longer need to manage multiple suppliers and split orders per vendor and product type. Thanks to ShipSupport and our continually growing assortment, you are able to combine different items, which results in saved time and no extra supplier charges for transport, handling, packing, and small order value orders.

It helps buyers and expeditors reduce the number of administrative tasks in their tactical procurement, which means that the time can be spent more efficiently and more focus can be given to the procurement of customized, high-value solutions.


How is it done?

The connection is possible no matter the organization's size and procurement system used.

The integration is done using the OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) connection. As most procurement systems have OCI capabilities, setting up the integration is fast and easy. 


MyConnection vs. MyFleet

MyConnection stands for full integration solutions, where customers are able to shop on ShipSupport using their own, existing procurement system and in line with your existing procurement procedures.

If instead, you are looking for a platform giving you access to both your vessel's technical drawings and a personalized catalogue, our second procurement solution might more suitable. MyFleet allows you not only to access your digital vessel structures and documentation on our platform but also to directly order the correct spare parts. For more information, please go to: MyFleet

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