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“This one-stop shop is a hit”
“With the arrival of ShipSupport, purchase processes suddenly became transparent. For ship owners around the globe, it is getting much easier to order their spare parts directly at the source without the intervention of third parties"
“Shopping Awards 2020: the nominees. On March 26th, the prestigious awards for e-commerce will be handed out. The winners will be selected by an expert jury."
"We are still often explaining the benefits of e-commerce"
“One year after the official launch, is the largest online maritime platform for technical parts and consumables in the world. Within 10 months the online assortment grew from 50,000 to a million maritime products”
“An important milestone for the webshop as the assortment reached 1 million technical spare parts and consumables available for online ordering. Besides reaching agreements with well over 40 suppliers, ShipSupport has invested heavily in making its platform even more user-friendly and robust to accommodate further growth.”
“One of the most ambitious and fastest-growing scale-ups in the global maritime industry”
“Customers, regardless of their location, want access to A-brand suppliers and a simple, digital way to order parts. This is why ShipSupport was created. “
“While we are used to e-commerce in our daily lives, it is not so obvious in the maritime world. But that is going to change rapidly”
“A pioneering e-commerce platform [..] Launched in November 2018, represents a game-changer for the global maritime industry. This user-friendly interface and simple to use digital platform make it quicker and easier for customers to order all their required parts online for their vessels and equipment.”
“It is an international e-commerce platform that brings suppliers, producers, and customers together in the maritime sector. It offers price transparency - something that was previously unthinkable in the sector - and it provides direct insight into delivery times.”
"We deliberately do not go for the largest assortment, but for the best fit with the market."
Part of the article: ShipSupport: B2B at sea (Dutch)
“ShipSupport offers ship owners and MROs a one-stop-shop for ordering spare parts and services with a click of a button. A digital marketplace for the maritime industry to simplify our customer’s spare-parts ordering process. is accessible to everyone, so please take a moment and visit the platform right away”
Part of the article: ShipSupport is Live! (English)
“Pioneering e-commerce platform” “It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming quotations and hello to direct orders!“

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