How ShipSupport can support you

Connect with more than 1 million parts and over 2000 brands in one maritime webshop.

Always available and save time

Products & prices are 24/7 available in our webshop. You have more choice, because you can also find alternatives. And for popular products you can create order templates, so re-ordering is easy.

Better logistics and discounts

Your delivery from suppliers is combined, so logistics will improve. You get more discount because our loyalty discount program is for all your purchases. And less invoicing and payments.

Set budgets and give approval

If more people are involved in buying you want more control. Budgets and approval can also be set up in our webshop for more buying control.

Connect and personalize

A connection with your systems is possible and if you would like tailorized assortment we can create that for you.

Together we keep it working!

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