Kobout is premium distributor of Lubo Lubrication: the replacement for mounting paste

Kobout is premium distributor of Lubo Lubrication: the replacement for mounting paste

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No more smearing with mounting paste. No more trouble with seizure. No more drilling, grinding or tapping because of the seizure of stainless steel parts. Doesn’t that sound good?
Lubo Lubrication has made this become reality. It is the perfect replacement for the current mounting paste. Smearing and cleaning is no longer necessary, because the Lubo lubricant is already on the thread on the bolt. You only have to drive the bolt. Besides, the lubricant also works at high speeds, which makes mounting even easier and therefore gives a saving in mounting hours. Altogether you will save so much time and money, that you would have the bolt for free, so to speak.

Lubo Coating

Lubo Lubrication is a smart, dry greasing applied on stainless steel threads and fully FDA compliant. It prevents the stainless steel from seizing, so seizure will no longer happen. This used to be a well-known problem for everybody who works with stainless steel thread. Do you use no or too little mounting paste and then drive the bolt into a tapping hole or nut? The risk of seizure will be big, and afterwards you will waste time on restoring actions like drilling, grinding and tapping. Using Lubo, these problems will belong to the past and you will save much time and money.

Lubo Lubrication is a greasing – not a coating

Lubo Lubrication is not put on the thread by means of chemicals, which is the case for coatings. In our lubricant no volatile substances are added which are baked out only to 96% during the process. We only work with natural materials and minerals, as Lubo International highly appreciates Corpal social responsibility. Therefore Lubo Lubrication meets the FDA certification. Using Lubo you will not only look for efficiency but also invest in a sustainable and healthy future.


Lubo Lubrication is widely applicable for stainless steel fasteners like bolts, threaded rods, hydraulic couplings, studs and specials in the food industry, mechanical engineering and offshore. It has some favourable technical qualities: always demountable, wide temperature range, usable in combination with several locking options and quickly mountable. Stop smearing – start mounting!

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