Nord-Lock wedge locking technology

Nord-Lock wedge locking technology

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De wedge locking technology of Nord-Lock provides security of by means of pre-tension instead of friction. By putting two locking washers together with slope surfaces on one side and radial teeth on the other side, a very strong anchoring is obtained. The Nord-Lock wedge locking system anchors fasteners which won’t loosen afterward, even not in case of extreme vibratory motions or dynamic loads. Beside the standard Nord-Lock locking washers, steel construction locking washers, wheel nuts, combi bolt locking washers and tailor-made solutions are available.


When fixing the bolt and/or the nut, the teeth will hook into the contact surface, causing an optimal grip. In addition, the wigs of both washers will fall into each other, providing the locking of the bolts/nuts. As the angles of the wedges are bigger than the angle of the thread, the wedge effect occurs. This effect prevents the bolt form loosening; only movement on the nock surface would be possible. The bolt or nut cannot loosen because the wedge effect blocks that movement. When a bolt is loosened with a key, the locking washers will expand farther than the corresponding thread pitch. This allows the bolt/nut to rise so that they can be loosened. The Nord-Lock wedge lockings guarantee a positive fixation of the locking in a connection, even when it’s exposed to any form of vibratory motion or dynamic load.

Nord Lock Washers
Nord Lock Washers
Nord Lock Washers


  • Standard range for bolts M 3 – M 130
  • Washers available in several materials, e.g. steel and stainless steel
  • Locking washers available with extra big outside diameter (SP locking washers)
  • Reliable bolt fastening system, both for high and low clamp load

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