Underwater communication for public safety divers



 Underwater communication is critical for safe diving operations. The tender must be able to communicate with the diver(s) at all times and vice versa. If the weather conditions or circumstances on the surface suddenly change, the tender will need to communicate with the diver to abort the diving operation. Public safety diving, carried out by law enforcement, fire rescue, and search/rescue dive teams, requires portable, easy to use communicators for fast action in case of emergencies.

IHC Hytech provides a range of diving communicators, including the DC0002(-4) portable communicator for underwater communication between two divers and a tender. This light-weight, portable communicator is ideal for public safety diving.

The DC0002(-4) communicator is available with push-to-talk switch or round robin and is connected to the diver’s full-face mask using a communication rope or umbilical. Public safety divers generally use floating communication ropes, such as the IHC Hytech comms ropes. These floating communication ropes help minimise entanglements hazards and can be used to give rope signals.