HYDAC AutoFilt® RF9 filter approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo

HYDAC AutoFilt® RF9 filter approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo

October 15th 2018 I BY Hydac I READING TIME 4 MINUTES
The Finer - The Better: The AutoFilt® RF9 - 3 µm full flow filter improves protection of the hydraulic components. The AutoFilt® RF9 filter has been approved based on the results obtained on the successful test on board a Maersk container vessel. In the test, the AutoFilt® RF9 filter immediately met MAN's requirements and further on clearly exceeded the limit values required by MAN. The vessel is a triple E vessel, the most modern vessel in the Maersk fleet. The name "Triple E class" refers to three design principles: "Economy of scale, energy efficient and environmentally improved“.


The new generation of MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke engines has an injections system which contains high pressure axial piston pumps and the so called FIVA valves, Fuel Injection and Valve Actuation. The sensitivity of these components against contaminations places extremely high demands on the filtration. The protection is made by an automatic full flow filter in which also treats the oil from fines and oxidized particles.


A finer full flow protection, 3 µm instead of current 6 µm, extends the lifetime and performance of the hydraulic system. In combination with a very efficient oil treatment system the overall oil cleanliness has also improved. Not only what is separated in the AutoFilt® RF9 is taken out in the treatment system but also fine oxidized particles not taken out by the separators. AutoFilt® RF9 Filter was approved by MAN in March 2018.

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