How to dismount and mount a cutter head ?

Dismount and mount a cutter head


The cutter head is screwed onto the cutter shaft. To remove it, the cutter needs to be screwed off. Learn how to dismount and mount a cutter head and how to best prevent eventual damage during the process.

  1. A ring consisting of three parts, is installed between the cutter hub and collar on the cutter shaft. Start by loosening this threepartite clamping ring.
  2. If there’s a cutting ring, cut the blocks with a cutting torch
  3. To suspend the cutter in the hoisting crane, place the chain around the arm, close to the backing ring Make sure the chain is pulled tightly so that the crane is carrying the weight of the cutter head. This prevents the cutter from tipping forwards or backwards and damaging the thread.
  4. Now slowly inch the shaft counter clockwise. To prevent any possible damage, move the cutter away as soon as it comes off
  5. Clean the shaft and put a little grease on the thread.
  6. Check eventual o-ring and seals.
  7. Tighten the threepartite clamping ring with some ropes or tack welding in the case of a cutting ring
  8. Make sure the surface of the hub is clean and if necessary, remove any impurities Now you are ready to remount the cutter
  9. Place the cutter in position of the shaft The shaft and thread must be in line. This can be checked by slowly inching counter-clockwise If necessary adjust the position with a chain lock.
  10. Once the shaft is in place, start inching clockwise.
  11. When the cutter head reaches the cutting ring, make sure the cutter is secured tightly. This can be checked by lowering the cutter head onto the seabed and turning it further, or, by inching it further via the put eye on the side of the cutter.

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