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ShipSupport & registration

We do believe in transparency: all visitors are able to see all our products, estimated Ready-to-Ship times and prices as well as calculate transport costs without the need to register.

However, registering gives you additional benefits, which will make your work more efficient. Registered users are able to:

  • Place orders with ease
  • View order history
  • Track order deliveries
  • Re-order products from your order history
  • Create personalized, bulk re-order lists
  • Access your invoices
  • Set up authorization levels and track spent and available budget
  • Make use of our loyalty programs and get additional volume discounts

Or even:

  • Use the MyFleet functionality to have customized vessel fleet database incorporated into ShipSupport's store. Go to: MyFleet for more info

Our goal is to make ordering marine spare parts for your fleet simple, transparent and fast. So, register now and access additional features that will streamline your sourcing processes.

Go to Create an Account and use our easy form to provide us with your basic personal details and company information. At this stage you can also choose to subscribe to our newsletter.The registration form can be found under: Login > Register Now.

Does your organization consist of multiple buyers? Would you like to create one single group account with multiple users in order to have a good overview of your open orders, order history, deliveries and spend? It is definitely an option. Please go to: Group accounts, user rights & purchase authorization flows.


The Login button is located in the top-right corner, between the MyFleet button and the Shopping Cart (blue forklift item). After clicking the Login button you will be asked to provide your e-mail and password chosen during registration.

Forgot your password? No worries, simply click on "Forgot your password" , enter your e-mail and names, so that the system can send you an automatic email with instructions how you can create a new password. In case you are unable to log-in or change a password, please contact our Customer Service.

How can I find my products on ShipSupport?

You can also find products by navigating through our intuitive menu. If you are not looking for particular models, but would like to see all available options, feel free to explore our assortment. Our products are sorted into main categories and clear sub categories. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your options and by clicking the “Show more” button you will expand the list of all possible filters. Use the drop down bar on the right to choose the preferred method of sorting. Above the items you will also be able to see two buttons allowing you to choose the preferred view (grid view or list view).

See all available products, prices and estimated Ready-to-ship times. Click on the name or the image to see the product details. Choose products that meet your needs and add them to cart by clicking the button “Add”.

If you are a returning visitor, you probably saved some frequently purchased items in your personalized Order Template lists. Go To: Order Templates for more info.

You are not able to find the exact required component in our assortment, but we do carry the brand? Contact our Customer Service to let them check possibilities of sourcing that product and adding it to our store. In this case, you will receive an offer by e-mail. Once you accept the offer, the product will be added to our assortment and you will be able to order it.

Our MyFleet functionality can improve our client’s purchasing processes greatly. If you decide to register and make use of our customized MyFleet functionality, you will be able to order spares directly by choosing your vessel’s name and proceeding to the customized lists containing only the components which are installed on your vessel. This method not only helps you find the right spares in a couple of clicks, you also have a full certainty that the right components are being ordered. For more information please go to My Fleet.


Once you found all the necessary spares and added them to your shopping cart, you are ready to order. Click on the forklift icon on the top right-hand side of the page.

Step 1/3 - Cart

Review the content of your cart. If needed, modify the chosen quantities by clicking “+” and “-“ buttons or remove items by clicking the trashcan icon located on the right side of the part name. If you think that you will need to re-order the same spare part in the future, you might want to consider adding it to your personalized order templates. Go To: Order Templates. Are you still missing an item? Click on to add new items to your list.

When all the items you need are already in the shopping basket, it is time to calculate the total order costs in the Order Summary on the right side of the page.

If you are a logged-in customer, you will see a Promotional Code field on the top of your check out field. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the top field and click the “Apply” button to apply the discount to your order. If you have no promo codes, leave the field empty. This field is not visible for not logged in users.

Choose the final destination country and click the “Apply” button, to have the total shipping costs calculated for you and added to the order. You now see the Total Estimated order Value. When you are ready to order, click on the button.

Please note: Shipping cost will be specified in your Order Summary only if the total shipment weight is lower than 15.000kg. Items above 15.000kg require a special transport and you will see a remark “Shipping costs to be determined”. In this case, our Customer Service agents will contact you in order to provide you with an additional transport quote.

If you were not logged in, you will now be asked to Log in to your account now. This way you will be able to track the status of your order and keep all your digital invoices in one place. If you have no account, please proceed to Register.

If you were logged in, you will get to:

Step 2/3 – Checkout

Please enter the destination address or control it if it appears by default. If you are a registered user, the drop down window on you right will allow you to choose one of the many destination address options saved in your profile. Use the “Create a new Shipping Address” to add and save a different destination if needed. Confirm Final Destination Address when you are ready to proceed. The estimated delivery time and mode of transport will now show up. If required, tick the “Add a recipient” or “ Add additional shipping instructions” boxes to add additional contact details and instructions for delivery. Enter your internal Purchase Order reference number if applicable. This number will be used on the invoice and the packing slip. The available payment methods depend on the user rights assigned to your account. Go to: Payment

Click on "Place order" to get to:

Step 3/3 Confirmation

Your order has been sent. You will receive an automated order receipt message with the summary of your order and an Estimated delivery time (in business days). Once your order is reviewed by our Customer Service, you will receive another e-mail with an official Order Confirmation containing a confirmed delivery date. You can always check the status of your pending purchases in the My Account section.

Yes, ShipSupport accepts orders by phone or by email, however, we encourage you to place your order online. Our webshop is easy to use and our Customer Service agents can help, if needed.  

If you regularly re-order the same components, assigning these to your own re-order template lists (“Order Templates”) will save you a lot of time. You won’t need to search item by item, but will be able to simply re-order multiple items from your saved list at one, using one clear overview. To use this feature, when browsing through our catalogue or ordering, use the “+ Add to order template” function below. You can create multiple templates and edit them in “My Account”. The button is also visible during the ordering stage. Give the template a name and save it. From now on you can assign items to your personal template.

Order delivery time, conditions and shipping costs

Each product on the ShipSupport store contains, next to unit price, an estimated “Ready to ship in..” time. These estimated Ready-to-Ship times are based on the INCOTERMS® 2010 FCA Tilburg, the Netherlands. Final delivery date including shipping time to the designated destination is provided to customers on our Order Confirmations.

ShipSupport works conform the INCOTERMS® 2010 rules. Orders with destinations within the European Union will be shipped under DDP. For orders with destination outside the European Union CPT is used. DDP or Delivered Duty Paid – ShipSupport bears the risks and costs, including duties, taxes and other charges of delivering the good. CPT or Carriage Paid To - ShipSupport is responsible for delivering the goods to an agreed destination, paying for the transport and taking care of the export clearance formalities. In CPT, once the seller hands over the goods to the carrier, the risk transfers from the seller to the buyer, but the cost of the movement till the point of destination remains with the seller.

ShipSupport’s service includes worldwide shipping. Our shipping charges are very competitive and transparent. For items below 15’000kg, shipping costs to any country can easily be calculated during the ordering stage and are fixed per country.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the height, weight, width, distance & mode of transport. Orders weighting below 70kg are shipped by UPS door-to-door service, while orders above 70kg up to a designated port or airport.

The shipping cost amount visible during ordering is based on “normal/routine” shipment. If you would like to choose an urgent shipment or know more about the shipping costs of the products in advance, our Customer Service agents will be happy to provide you with an offer.

Order guarantees & service

You have placed your first order, what now? You are able to view your orders by clicking My Account. Here you are able to see all your Pending Requisitions, Rejected Purchases, Order Templates and My Order History.

Changes to finalized orders are not possible. Once an order is placed, the ordered products and product sizes can't be modified. You are, however, able to cancel an order (within two working days ) and reorder the right spares in a new order.

You can return an unused article within 14 days from delivery. Please contact one of our Customer Service agents and they will be happy to help you return the product. Make sure the product is returned to us in original (unused) condition and with its original packaging. It is not possible to return an item that was specially customized for your use.

All sold products come with a 6 months guarantee. The manufacturer of the product has its own guarantee period and conditions. The period and conditions differ per manufacturer. Read more about ShipSupport’s guarantee in Terms and Conditions. Please contact our customer service if you are looking for more information about the guarantees.

The product you bought on arrived broken, has a defect and/or does not work? Every situation is unique, and to provide the best solution we need additional information. We know how valuable your time is and would like to help you in the quickest way possible. Contact our Customer Service agent as soon as possible. For more information on the product guarantee, please visit our terms and conditions page.

You will automatically receive an order receipt message after you’ve placed an order. Order receipt notifications are sent out to the e-mail address provided during registration. If you have not received any emails from us, please check your spam folder. Still can’t find it? Please contact our Customer Service.

For every placed order we will provide our clients with a written Order Confirmation. Order Confirmations are sent out to the e-mail address provided during registration. If you have not received your Order Confirmation, please check your spam folder. Still can’t find it? Please contact our Customer Service.


We offer our registered customers the possibility to set up a credit account and pay on invoice basis. Our payment term are 30 days net, which means that the payment of the net amount outstanding on the invoice is due thirty calendar days after the invoice date. All clients interested in opening a credit account at ShipSupport are kindly requested to contact our Customer Service Department and provide them with complete and correct company information allowing ShipSupport to perform a credit and compliance check. We usually get back to our clients within 1 working day.

If you are an occasional buyer or if your credit line is not active yet, you always have the option to pay by:

  • Visa
  • Masterard
  • via a bank transfer (through advance invoice)

When we receive an order, an invoice is created and sent within one working day. (In case your order is placed on a Friday, the invoice might be sent out on Monday). Invoices are sent out from our account. In case you have not received an invoice, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received it, please contact our Customer Service. How fast your payment will be processed depends on the chosen payment method Visa and MasterCard payments tend to be received within one hour. Bank transfers usually take longer and very per bank (on average within 2-3 working days).

ShipSupport uses a 128-bit SSL security encryption in our checkout process. This encrypts the personal information you provide us, ensuring that it is safe and not accessible by any third parties. However, the most important protection is your own password, so please make sure you never share it with others.

Your Account - Overview

In ‘My account’ section, you can:

  • Track placed requisitions and orders, see pending purchases, rejected purchases and the order history.
  • Create and edit Order Templates
  • Create and edit Default Delivery Addresses
  • Edit Profile Settings
  • View and edit your organization details (create users, assign user rights and set up approval flows)

The “Overview” dashboard gives you a handy insight into the value of your purchases, your remaining weekly budget, spend limit and order spend limit.

On ShipSupport, you can create group accounts and give individual users different rights, according to their roles. This function allows you to set up approval flows.

Go to: My Account > My Organization > Users

Click the “Add user” button on the top-right part of the page.

Provide names and contact details and assign each user with one of the following rights:

  • Buyer
  • Cost Center Manager
  • Account Admin
  • Approver
  • Cost Object Manager
  • OCI Punchout User

Tick particular role and you will see a handy explanation of what rights each role contains. Here you can also assign each user with chosen Order Spend Limit and Total Budget.

You can allow all users to create and approve their own orders (“Buyers + Approvers”) /or/ your can limit some users rights by having their orders approved by another budget holder (“Buyers”).

Orders placed by users with “Buyer” rights will not be issued, until it they are approved by the assigned approver.

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact our Customer Service and provide them with the users’ names, email address, telephone numbers and company information. Please mention which users should be admins and which should have limited user rights. Our Customer Service agent will get back to you and help you correctly set up your group account.

On ShipSupport, you can create and assign your purchases to particular, internal costs centers which will help you keep track of your expenses.

Go to: My Account > My Organization > Cost Centers

Click the “Add Cost Center” button on the top-right part of the page to create personalized cost centers.

You will be asked to create an ID, name and specify maximum budget per period of time ( weekly, monthly, quarterly or fixed). Click the trashcan item on the right side of the line to delete any unwanted entries.

Once your cost centers are created, you will be able to assign each item you purchase to a particular cost center.

An intuitive bar presenting both spent and available budget per cost center will consequently be visible in the Cost Centers Overview.

My Fleet functionality

Customers who regularly use ShipSupport to source products for their fleet, can improve their procurement processes even further, by building a customized My Fleet database.

Once the My Fleet functionality is set up, buyers can see the structures of their vessels, download their technical drawings and find the exact parts from the specific parts list. Their vessel technical drawings are uploaded to ShipSupport’s system and protected by a secure login.

It is vital to keep the vessel records updated. My Fleet gives you also a possibility to update your records when vessel’s drawings have been revised and parts replaced.

Once your personalized database is created, you will be able to access all configuration drawings and documentation, per each vessel in your fleet. The parts included in particular drawings will be listed for you. You will be able to quickly see prices, estimated Ready-to-Ship times and directly purchase all necessary items. With the My Fleet functionality, searching for the right drawings, and consequently for the right items will not be necessary, and you will always be sure that the right spares are being ordered.

If your organization does not have a well-developed procurement system, ShipSupport’s My Fleet functionality can bring a lot of advantages.

Once your account is set up, you can start purchasing items directly through My Fleet.

Go to the My Fleet tab on the main menu to see the overview of your fleet. Choose the vessel in order to access the menu of its main systems.

By expanding the menu’s you are able to access drawings and parts lists per installation.

To switch between the drawings lists and parts lists, use the toggle on the right side of the screen.

You will be able to access to the “My Fleet” environment if you purchased a vessel made by Royal IHC /or/ if you provided ShipSupport with your vessel’s configuration drawings, parts list and documentation.

The first step will be to set up your account and assigns the right spares to your vessels.

The MyFleet option is not available for all our clients automatically, but can be provided for you upon request.

Please contact our Customer Service if you would like to start using My Fleet functionality and have your company records loaded into our system.


Are you interested in joining our loyalty program and making use of our attractive volume discounts? Please contact our Customer Service.

Contact - ShipSupport Customer Service

Customers can contact us via:

Phone: +31 88 01 54 000

WhatsApp message/call: +31612526244


Online Contact Form: Available Here

Chat: Please use the chat window on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

For quickest response, send us a WhatsApp message (+31612526244 ) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. WhatsApp is also the preferred contact method during the weekends, holidays after office hours.

If you are a maker or distributor of maritime products, please visit our Partner site and send an e-mail to

In case of urgencies after working hours, please send us a WhatsApp message (+31612526244 ).

The Customer Support Dept. is located at: Smitweg 6, 2961 AW Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

Our Customer Service will be the best first point of contact for ALL customer matters.

If you are an existing or potential client, you can always contact us regarding all:

  • Registration, account set up issues and questions
  • Commercial questions
  • Royalty programs, high volume discounts
  • Invoicing questions and credit line checks
  • Lead time improvement in case of urgencies
  • Spare parts not available in our catalogue
  • Technical questions regarding offered products
  • Other questions and suggestions

If you are a maker or distributor of maritime products and would you like sell your products on ShipSupport, please visit our Partner site and send an e-mail to

At ShipSupport we facilitate a strong network of in-house engineers available to help our customers with any technical question. Reach out to one of our Customer Service representatives and we will make sure to provide all the support you need.

We value our customers above all and would like to serve them in the best possible way. If you have a complaint, please contact our Customer Service. You can expect to hear back from us within one working day and we hope to solve the issue in no time. We value your time and appreciate your feedback. You will also receive a full complaint resolution overview by email. If, as a company, you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can submit it to Thuiswinkel for mediation (via