Extend the Lifetime of Your Cooling Solution in a Marine Environment

Cooling failure in hydraulic systems means automatic system shut down and unscheduled maintenance. The maintenance on cranes, ships and offshore wind turbines is extremely expensive to plan and the downtime costs money every minute. Therefore, it is important to have a supplier who can provide you with the correct technology to support your success.

Parker has developed a cooler with a protective coating and improved design features that will deliver high-performance cooling in erosive atmospheres. The MAC series cooler is not only more reliable but also longer lasting, thus improving the performance of your hydraulic system saving you time and money.

Right now, the Parker MAC series cooler is the only cooler range available on the market offering this advanced level of protection. If you have a hydraulic system in a marine environment and want to increase your operation up time while reducing your maintenance, labor and spare part costs, then the Parker MAC series cooler is the ideal solution.

The MAC series is engineered for both near-shore and offshore applications and provides cooling capacity up to 300kW. Corrosion resistance meets C4-M and C5M-M requirements in accordance with ISO 12944.
mac cooler
Following a number of customer interviews and feedback on our current marine product range, we realized the importance of developing a product which offers dependable performance throughout its entire life cycle. The corrosion resistance is not only about paint technology but is a combination of material selection, design features, and coating technology. Therefore the MAC series was engineered to allow customers to secure reliable performance at every stage of product usage.

Products are delivered with safe and secure lifting points and with a clear installation manual in order ensure safe installation without damaging the coating. The round shaped interface avoids friction and allows perfect coating adhesion thus reducing the risk of damaging the coating when the cooler is installed. Cabling of the electrical motor is often done on site and this is why the electric box is also coated internally to avoid rust inside the following installation.
Mac test piece
During operation, the product can be exposed to erosive atmospheres. The electrical motor has tropicalized coating to avoid corrosion inside the housing. Coating technology used for metallic parts was qualified on test pieces representative of the metal sheet design. This was developed to allow the assembly and removal of the fasteners (at the recommended torque) without damaging the coating. The coating itself was tested for up to 1440 hours in neutral salt spray test according to ISO 9227 standard and achieved the following results:
  • Degree of rusting Ri 0 (no rusting) according to ISO 4628-3:2003 standard
  • Degree of blistering 0 (S0) (no blistering) according to ISO 4628-2:2016 standard
  • Degree of cracking 0 (S0) (no cracking) according to ISO 4628-4:2016 standard
  • Degree of flaking 0 (S0) (no flacking) according to ISO 4628-6 standard
  • Spread from scribed line (infiltration) =1 mm according to ISO 12944-6 standard.

Maintenance is also a key concern for products that are located in remote locations or applications which are difficult/costly to access. The new MAC series cooler offers extended lifetime which reduces the frequency of maintenance and also has a reduced number of components which means that there are fewer spare parts. All fasteners are in stainless steel A4 to facilitate easy removal after a long period of exposure in a saline environment. Also, the contact surfaces between components are optimized to avoid paint creeping and mechanical interferences when handling the components.

Following corporate engagement with customers and end users and also due to new regulations, we are aware that Environmental Health and Safety constraints are a rising concern. This is why the MAC range uses coating technology which is REACH compliant and the electric motors are RoHS compliant. The complete design was made in accordance with the safety of machinery ISO 12100, ISO 4413 and ISO 13857 standards.

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