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We believe that the next generation of ships will be electric, digital and connected—something that we know a whole lot about.

We have provided electric systems on board vessels for more than 110 years. In fact, today, well over 1300 ships employ ABB’s electric system. And, more than 700 vessels are connected to our ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operation centers for around the clock remote support no matter where they are.

We believe that modern ships will be built on the foundation of electricity. This expands their range of viable energy sources beyond traditional fuel to for instance batteries and fuel cells. The electrical backbone, integrated with automation and control systems, will also transform the industry from merely connected operations to collaborative and automated operations.

Digital solutions onboard a vessel such as sensors and integrated communication infrastructure can transmit data between systems in real time which gives the bridge as well as the shore a comprehensive overview of the ship. The benefits to fleet management are evident. But the speed and precision in which operational decision-making, remote diagnostics, and prescriptive diagnostics can be made is unheard of to most of the industry today.

It’s our role as a front runner in this field to take the marine industry beyond what it is today and equip the industry with electric, digital and connected solutions that maximize the full potential of your vessels and ultimately enable a safe, efficient and sustainable maritime industry.

  • ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Collaborative operations for marine
  • Automation and marine software

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