Dredging floaters

Each dredging project takes place in a marine environment and consequently in most cases the pipeline must be floating. Deriplast group, being a dredging specialist supplies the floaters for each diameter of HDPE pipes, either filled with polyurethane foam or empty depending on the specific requirement but mainly on the diameter of the pipes, the impact of external forces and the required buoyancy, factors that are considered during the project analysis.

Deriplast floaters are produced in MDPE by rotational molding system, with a uniform thickness throughout the circumference of the float. The foam injected inside the floats is closed cell polyurethane to prevent from entering of water in case of shell breakage.
In case of needs, the floaters can be produced following the shape and size provided by the customer. In this case it must be discussed the time needed to develop the moulds.
All floaters are supplied with assembling tools and accompanied by the quality certificates related to the external MDPE material and the internal polyurethane foam. Standard colors are normally yellow or orange.