PCB Prototyping

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an integral part of many electronic devices. Prototyping PCBs allows engineers to test the circuit board prototypes first and make sure that they are working properly before moving on to creating more complex designs or production. This helps to prevent costly and timely repairs when system does not perform as it should. Make use of our attractive volume discounts and stock on PCB components - explore our range of products from reliable makers such as Wurth Elektronik or Richco.

Select the Right Components for PCB Manufacturing Challenges

ShipSupport's catalogue is the ideal place to source components for PCB design, and it should be possible to find parts for all kinds of marine circuitry. You'll find essential accessories, including the chemicals required for precise etching, along with PCB cleaning tools, accessories for punching, cutting, forming, and drilling, as well as handling tools to ensure that no damage is sustained during the forming process. There are spacers and supports to provide ready access to boards as they are worked on, and we also carry all types of cables and boards, from breadboards or eurocards, to matrix boards, stripboards, and photoresist boards.

Buy PCB Boards, Accessories, and Components Online at ShipSupport

Our platform allows you to order boards, PCB tools, and any other prototyping products quickly and easily. Customers can not only order with ease but also enjoy full transparency of unit prices, volume discounts, transport costs and ready-to-ship times. We consolidate your orders and ship it worldwide, so if you are purchasing PCB Prototyping components do not forget to explore also the full catalogue of our Maritime Electrical Products, as well as any other spares and consumables your crew might need. Do you have a question about our service, products or are you missing an item? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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