Abrasives & Engineering Materials

Whether it’s bespoke solutions or running repairs, marine abrasives and engineering materials are a vital part of offshore operations. ShipSupport offers a comprehensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramics – and the professional toolkit and supplies to work them correctly. It's a cost-effective way to stock your workshop.

About marine abrasive products

We know that expert engineers need the right tools in their hands, for an on-the-spot fix or a bigger job. We provide a full selection of abrasive accessories.  The range includes basic manual tools as well as sanding sheets and discs, through to brushes and bands, and specialised diamond dressing tools and grinding components. And not forgetting practical must-haves, like plastic shim pieces and complete shim kits. Our clients work across marine operations, so we also stock an extensive selection of materials, with different specs and applications in mind. Bronze rods and tubing, copper and aluminum pieces, and steel rods and angles are available for repairs and construction.   

Purchasing abrasives for marine manufacturing

Whether ordering for a specific job or just restocking the essentials, ShipSupport can help provide your abrasive engineering must-haves. If you’re looking to buy marine abrasive products online, the catalogue’s filters make it easy to sort, check the exact specs, and order. Lead and delivery times can be vital for your engineering supplies; ShipSupport offers fast delivery and clear availability information. You can also consult an experienced customer service team by email, WhatsApp – or just give us a call.
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