Connection matters in modern marine environments; crews need to have total control over winches, safety systems, climate control mechanisms, and much more. These simple components are the glue that holds circuitry together, forming an interface between machinery and computers, while allowing devices to talk to each other without any difficulties. That's why almost all vessels require a diverse range of connectors to function - and why finding a reliable connector supplier is vital.

Find All Types of Electrical Connectors at the ShipSupport Catalogue

Marine electrical connectors come in many varieties, and our catalogue makes finding the right component as easy as possible. Our marine ordering system covers all types of connectors. There are PCB and network adapters for digital equipment, coaxial connectors, simple terminals and splices, USB connectors, and circular varieties as well. With the right connections in place, vessel operators can ensure that every device gets is integrated smoothly into their on-board networks.

Buy the Industrial Connectors You Need at the ShipSupport Store

Don't risk being left without enough spare connectors on your vessel. Instead, use our online ordering platform to buy the components you need. We provide a way to order all of the leading brands of electrical connectors, with solutions for audio, video, networking, and simple voltage linkages. Our connectors range is a part of our extensive Maritime Electricals catalogue, so explore it and purchase all electrical components your vessels require on one single order. Use our catalogue to find the products required, and we can ship them anywhere in the world for for attractive shipping charges. If you are missing a certain item from a brand we carry do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service as we might be able to source and add the product you need to our catalogue. 

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