Passive Components

Passive components are the small electronic parts and devices that keep the big systems at peak performance. ShipSupport provides a comprehensive range of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and electronic components, all to international industry standards. Explore our catalog and stock on your passive components from reliable brands such as AVX, Vishay, Panasonic, Kemet and Wurth Elektronik.

Compare and Purchase Passive Components

Passive devices and electronic components span a huge range of applications, but they all need to be reliable and easily fitted, even in the demanding environments of offshore and marine operations. Overvoltage protection devices are vital for preventing equipment damage, along with surge protectors designed to safeguard a variety of electronic and microprocessor-based systems. We also supply microphone components, buzzers, and speakers for monitoring and early warning safety devices. The fixed resistors are suitable for different fittings (surface or panel mount), plus array resistors and networks, while a wide variety of capacitors and inductors is part of a range of electronic components for different applications and uses. It’s a comprehensive toolbox of components to keep your electronic systems at their best. 

Buy Electronic Components Online 

Whether you need passive components for a specific refit, or just need to keep the stockroom well supplied, ShipSupport makes it easy to source vital components wherever you are in the world. Our online catalog of passive components products is divided into clear, intuitive categories. Each product listing clearly shows its unit price, as well as the estimated ready-to-ship time, while additional shipping charges to your project site can be calculated before ordering. We believe in full transparency. We also consolidate your orders and deliver them worldwide, so if you are purchasing electronic components, do not forget to explore our entire electrical catalog. Add to your basket all electrical components as well as all other parts and maritime consumables your crews need and have them delivered on one order and in one shipment. Do you have a question about our products or are you missing a model from a brand that we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond to you shortly.

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