Vessels rely on basic components like industrial fasteners to keep other machinery in position, dampen vibrations, ensure the safety of the crew, and organise everything efficiently. They are the kind of item that always comes in handy and a sufficient stock should always be available onboard. For all of these reasons. it makes sense to have a reliable regular supplier of fasteners and fixings, a role that ShipSupport is ideally placed to play.

A Comprehensive Selection of Marine Fixings and Fasteners

Whatever type of equipment or components need to be fixed or fastened, ShipSupport has your back. Our catalogue includes a wide variety of channel support systems, girder fixings, clips, hooks & eyes, screws, nails, magnetic strips, panel fasteners, and plastic standoffs. There are tools to apply different fasteners effectively, fixing its for wall plugs, and even a selection of wire rope suspension systems. Every category includes only the leading marine brands. So if you are seeking Jubilee P-Clips or Eclipse magnetic tape, there should be a product to choose from.

Choose the Easiest Way to Buy Marine Fasteners

If you have complex requirements for fixings with precise specifications, contact us as we might be able to help. Ordering is easy and we deliver to locations across the world and for competitive shipment charges. There's no better way to order the fixings and fasteners you need. Stock up on marine fasteners and fixings - order online with ShipSupport, and take the hassle out of providing your crew with the components they need. 

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