Power Supplies & Transformers

Working vessels are extremely complex assemblages of electrical equipment. This makes it essential to equip any vessel with the correct portfolio of electrical and power supplies. That way, vessel owners can guarantee that the machinery they rely on functions reliably and consistently, whenever they are out of port. And when sourcing electrical supplies for marine purposes, finding a dependable supplier is vital.

Explore Our Catalogue of Power Supplies & Transformers 

ShipSupport can act as a one-stop supplier for almost any marine power & electrical supplies. Our online catalogue of Power Supplies & Transformers includes power inverters, converters, portable generators, PSUs, PoE and UPS supplies, and transformers. We even have a selection of renewable energy products. This category is a small part of our broad Electrical Supplies range, so use ShipSupport to procure the needed electrical equipment for any marine situations.

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Buying online is the easiest way to ensure that you have all of the electrical components and devices you need. It's easy to choose between various brands and specifications. Filters on the left hand side let buyers call up all of the choices available, while deliveries can be made worldwide. Register today and place your first order in a couple of clicks. Do you need assistance? Do not hesitate to contact us

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