Modern vessels include complex circuitry, governing its engines, navigational systems, heating, cargo management, winches, pumps, and safety mechanisms. These complex systems rely upon waterproof marine switches in a huge range of settings. Switches are everywhere on board ships - from engine ignitions to lighting. They have to be resilient to salt water, changes in temperature, and constant vibrations.

Source the Marine Switches you Need from our Online Catalogue

ShipSupport makes things easy for vessel owners who want to buy marine switches. Our catalogue covers the whole spectrum of switches, including DIP and SIP switches, detector switches, hall effect, joystick, and key switches, along with versions designed for foot operation. We can supply keypads to give crews total control over on-board equipment, along with replacement keys for pads from major brands, and our range includes all sorts of switches for bridge control panels, as well. Whether you need rotary switches or battery switches for marine applications, ShipSupport is the place to look.

Buy Marine Switches and Build the Electronic Systems You Require

The comprehensive switch collection at ShipSupport's online store enables vessel engineers to create whatever electronics setup they require. Switches can be combined with mounting kits and the accessories needed to interface with any machinery, while switch development kits allow for more complex installations. In any case, buyers can pick the switch-related products they need, add them to their basket, and arrange deliveries to any global location. Whatever your marine electronics needs, ShipSupport is the place to shop.

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