Automation & Control Gear

Whether it's  flow sensors for monitoring  air and liquids or the latest touchscreens and displays, high-tech labour-saving devices are fully integrated throughout the vast majority of modern ships. With electrical and computerised equipment, it's particularly important to buy components that are specially manufactured to withstand the rigours of life at sea, and that's what you get with our trusted brands such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Idec, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Eaton, Crouzet and Panasonic.

Browse our comprehensive range of control gear categories

From the big to the small, from electric motors to push buttons, switches and pilot lights, our global online platform allows for the same simple, transparent  ordering process, so you can get your ship up and running again in no time at all.

  • Buy control gear for circuit protection – covers, seals, micro circuit breakers and surge protectors made to international shipping standards.
  • Select from brake modules, starters, gearboxes and other motor components.
  • Explore our bells, buzzers, horns, sirens, sounders and beacons.
  • Count on the accuracy of our timers, counters and meters.

Keep on top of all your ship's data with PLCs (programmable logic computers) and HMI (Human  / Machine Interface) devices including keypads, expansion modules, cables and racks, all with mountings, casings and connections designed for a long life offshore.

Buy automation gear online from ShipSupport

Wherever you are in the world, ShipSupport makes it easy and convenient to keep your ship's control equipment in optimum working order with attractive loyalty schemes, a wide choice of payment methods and flexible delivery options. You can order straight from our online catalogue, or if you contact our customer service team via with a description of your vessel, we'll send you for a list of automation gear tailored to your needs.

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