At sea, having a reliable source of illumination is more than just a matter of comfort. Marine lighting is an essential aspect of many vessel setups and allows crews to safely perform their operations. Safety lighting ensures that all corridors and workspaces are properly lit. Searchlights cover the nearby sea, torches provide flexibility for crew members in the dark, specialist infrared bulbs offer the capacity to heat internal spaces, while UV bulbs can be used to disinfect water supplies. All of these reasons mean that finding a reliable commercial industrial lighting supplier is vital.

Source the Marine Lighting Products Easily

At ShipSupport, you'll find all types of lights for marine uses. From emergency lights to halogens, infrared, and UV bulbs, to neon strips, torches, and standard incandescents, our range is broad enough to cover all eventualities. Choose exit lights to ensure safe evacuation should hazards emerge, or cut your costs with energy-efficient commercial LED lighting. All of the major marine light manufacturers are represented, including Sylvania, Philips, RS PRO, and Osram. So if you have a specific make and model of a bulb in mind, tracking it down should be easy.

Buy Commercial Lighting for Marine Situations from ShipSupport

Purchasing marine bulbs and lighting accessories couldn't be simpler. ShipSupport provides a single location to order all of the lighting products your vessel requires. We offer our clients a full unit price and shipping costs transparency and we take care of the delivery. Payments are easy to make and it is also possible to apply for a credit line.

When shopping for Marine Lighting products, do not forget to explore also our full range of Cables and Connectors as well as the entire Marine Electricals category in order to source and deliver all electrical equipment your vessel crew might need on one order. Missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us


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