Cables & Wires

The marine environment poses particular challenges to electrical systems. Extreme temperatures, the corrosive effects of oil, acid, mud and salt water – electrical cables have to be able to withstand all of these and more.

Buy Electrical Cables

ShipSupport won't sell an electric cable unless it meets rigorous international standards. Sourced from top suppliers, our marine electrical cables boast features such as high quality insulation and sheathing, fire resistant qualities and shock protection. Customers can buy electrical cables from our online catalogue in the confidence that they deliver peace of mind as well as excellent value. .

Electrical Wires

ShipSupport can supply tinned copper electrical wire in a range of different gauges and lengths, for jobs both large and small. Needless to say, all of our marine electrical wire is designed specifically for shipboard and offshore uses and is able to withstand adverse conditions. You can buy electrical wires from ShipSupport suitable for many of your vessel's systems. Or if you don't see the exact electric wire you need, don't hesitate to speak to one of our staff via telephone, email or live chat.

Electrical mounting block

Secure fixtures and tidy away wiring with our electrical mounting blocks. Electrical mounting box designs come in hardy materials that are waterproof as well as UV and scratch resistant. You'll also find a wide array of other electrical accessories, from protective polypropylene cable end sleeves, connector plugs, glands and cable guides to devices for monitoring and controlling electrical systems minute by minute.

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