Test Connectors

The maritime industry wouldn't be able to function without a huge amount of electronic equipment, and it's a constant challenge to keep it all working properly in tough offshore conditions. Hence the importance of having the right test connector clips of various kinds that check contacts in machinery, components, and cables. Small though these items might be, they're vital for quickly diagnosing problems and making repairs. Explore our range of test connectors from Fluke, Multi Contact, Hirschmann, Mueller and other reliable maritime brands:

ShipSupport - For All Your Test Clips & Accessories

  • Work on integrated circuits with miniature test clips featuring tip sizes as small as 1.7 mm and colorful micro designs as compact as 7 mm overall, made of nickel-plated stainless steel for durability.
  • Test currents without the bother of stripping wires with grabber clips from 2 mm to 10 mm, featuring sprung safety clamp test tips.
  • Shop for needlepoint probes constructed with an insulated tapered design and socket to rear.
  • Enjoy the versatility of our male to female magnetic test connector adaptors, spring-loaded to maintain a strong, steady contact.
  • Browse a wide selection of test plugs and sockets, including 4 mm bunch pin plug cable connectors sleeved in PVC insulation, as well as safety sockets with gold plated contacts.
  • Explore our array of hard-wearing banana plugs, kelvin clips, crocodile clips, hook clips, and terminal posts.

Test Connectors At ShipSupport

When it comes to sourcing replacement test lead connectors and other everyday electrical items, speed and efficiency are important in order to avoid any knock-on delays in maintenance regimes. Our webshop features a wide range of test connectors and accessories from leading brands, along with many other products. When purchasing test connectors for your vessel, you might want to explore our entire Measure & Instrumentation catalogue. Avoid order splitting - consolidate it with any other Electrical,  Hydraulic or Maritime Safety products your vessel crew needs. We will consolidate your order and ship it worldwide. Ordering is easy, transparent and it is also possible to apply for a credit line and pay by invoice. Do you have a question about our test connector clips or are you missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.
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