Sound & Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement is an important aspect of marine maintenance, allowing crews to assess the state of machinery and the infrastructure of vessels, and to take appropriate action to solve technical issues as they emerge. The same applies to sound measurement, which is used both to monitor engine performance and to protect the health of workers. Sophisticated meters are available to measure both sound and vibration, and they tend to be popular additions to on-board diagnostic kits. Explore our Sound & Vibration Measurement products from Fluke, Casella Cel, Castle, Chauvin Arnoux, Sauer, Testo and other brands:

Choose the Correct Vibration or Sound Measurement Device

Whether you want a tool to measure the vibrations experienced by engine technicians, or you want to get to grips with the noise created by dredging and drilling rigs, finding the right equipment is simple via ShipSupport's catalogue. Our directory includes everything needed for accurate measurement of sound and vibrations, including:

  • Meters - Specialist meters are available to monitor sound and vibrations, with major brands including RS Pro and Castle.
  • Sonoscopes and Stethoscopes -Non-digital accessories can be used to provide rapid noise and vibration readings, to facilitate immediate responses.
  • Meter Accessories - Such as USB cabling to connect meters to laptops, meter windscreens for outdoor situations, and cases to protect meters from damages.

With these tools in reserve, your crew can ensure safe working environments and diagnose machinery problems, making them true on-board essentials.

Buy Vibration and Sound Measurement Products Online from ShipSupport

There's no better way to manage marine sound and vibration issues. Our webshop features a wide range of meters from leading brands, along with the other products mentioned above. When purchasing sound and vibration measuring equipment, you might also want to explore our entire Measure & Instrumentation, assortment. Avoid order splitting - consolidate all your liquid analysis products with any other ElectricalHydraulic or Maritime Safety products your vessel crew needs. We will consolidate your order and ship it worldwide. Ordering is easy, transparent and it is also possible to apply for a credit line. Do you have a question about our sound and vibration measurement products or are you missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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