Rotational Measurement

Tachometers are an integral part of on board operations. Capable of measuring rotational speeds to very high degrees of accuracy, modern tachometers allow crew members to assess the efficiency of engines and other rotary systems. That way, they can diagnose issues and take appropriate action to remedy any problems before parts fail, and costs start to mount.

Order the Right Rotational Speed Measurement Tools from ShipSupport

If you require an effective rotational speed calculator, or a set of tachometers to fit out an entire vessel, the ShipSupport online catalogue will be the best place to look. Our catalogue includes a variety of common types of tachometers, including laser-based designs, and versions using LCD and LED screens. Customers can choose a handheld model that suits the rpm of their rotational equipment, and all major rotational speed sensor brands are featured. From Anders Electronics or Chauvin Arnoux, to RS PRO, Teso, and SKF, our listings only include brands that mariners can rely upon. Moreover, we also offer a range of tachometer accessories, making it easy to acquire the rotational measurement tools you need.

Buy Marine Rotational Measurement Tools Online from ShipSupport

When you purchase rotational measurement equipment, make the process as easy as possible by using ShipSupport's online store. It's simple to browse our tachometer collection, and to choose the brand you prefer. You can add accessories, bundle multiple devices and have the total shipment costs to your location calculated on the spot. Many of our tachometers are available for shipment within one working day and ShipSupport will arrange delivery to all global locations. 

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