Portable Appliance Testers & Accessories

Portable appliance testers (PAT testers) are used to check for potentially dangerous faults in electrical devices. Nowhere is this type of testing more important than aboard a ship. Regular testing for issues is absolutely essential, so explore our range of products and provide your crews with reliable PAT testers.


PAT Testing Made Easy with Multifunctional Kits 

Anyone can perform basic PAT tests if they have the right equipment. The portable appliance tester kits at ShipSupport are reliable, accurate and generally very easy to use. Many have a digital display that issues a pass or fail. If you’re looking for more information, however, more advanced models include more diagnostic options, on-board memory, barcode readers and label printers.

We offer portable appliance testing kits from some of the world’s most respectable brands, including Megger. Search for kits using filters such as maximum voltage supply, dimensions, battery life and those that offer flash testing. But before you make a purchase, ensure your chosen PAT tester can be used for Class I or Class II appliances — depending on what you have onboard your vessel. It’s also a good idea to check if extension leads, power leads and RCDs are included. If your needs are simple, look for models that offer one-touch testing.


Buy Portable Appliance Testers at ShipSupport

PAT testers play a crucial role in keeping your ship safe. This is why we only supply testing kits of the very highest quality — as well as a range of spares and accessories. When ordering Portable Appliance Testers for your vessel, feel free to explore our entire Measuring and Instrumentation Catalogue. Combine it with any other electricalhydraulicsafety products or maritime tools and consumables needed. Ordering is easy and different payment options are possible. There is no need to look for a local supplier of PAT measuring tools close to your site - we will deliver your order worldwide, while the transport costs can be calculated easily using our shipping costs calculator. Do you have a question or are you missing certain Portable Appliance Tester in our catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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