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ShipSupport’s extensive range of oscilloscope technology has been chosen for the demanding operating conditions of offshore and marine electronics. Explore our wide selection of equipment from leading producers such as Fluke, Rohde & Schwarz, RS Pro, Pico Technology and Tektronix.


Your Supplier of Oscilloscopes and Oscilloscope Accessories

Finding the best electronic test equipment depends on the operational environment, the equipment being tested, and the need for on-the-spot readings or more detailed analysis.

  • Looking for Fluke Scope Meters? You will find these in our Digital Oscilloscopes catalogue.
  • Bench oscilloscopes, in two or four-channel options, typically have a ‘classic’ monochrome or multi-color waveform display. However, many models are also compatible with analysis software. This allows for additional signal viewing or analysis while you are away from the instrument.
  • Our selection also includes robust handheld models, designed with dust and drip-proof displays to withstand harsh environments. These are ideal for providing a quick diagnosis of process control, machinery and automation performance, and may offer surprisingly sensitive and complex readout.
  • A digital oscilloscope (sometimes called a USB oscilloscope) may or may not have an integrated display. These plug directly into a computer or tablet like a standard IT peripheral, making a lightweight testing system that can go anywhere you would take your laptop.


Buy Oscilloscopes Online at ShipSupport

ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to purchase not only scopemeters, but also a wide of Measure & Instruments. Consolidate it with any maritime safetyhydraulicelectrical components or any type of maritime consumables. No need to look for a local supplier of scopemeters near your project site – we will consolidate your order and ship it worldwide. Do you have a question or are you missing a certain oscilloscope model? Do not hesitate to contact us

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