Liquid Analysis

Whether you need to analyze water salinity, or screen engine fluids for corrosive chemicals, liquid analysis is a key aspect of many marine operations. For instance, ballast water regularly needs to be monitored via pH testing kits to ensure compliance with international regulations. Whatever the water testing challenges you face at sea, having the right testing kits and equipment is essential. Explore our range of liquid analysis equipment from reliable brands such as Hanna Instruments, Georg Fischer, Kern and others.

Explore the Water Analysis Test Equipment at ShipSupport

Water testing isn't a simple product area, and there are many different types of kits and testing equipment to think about. This includes calibration solutions to ensure that testing meters are in proper working order, along with simple accessories like pH strips. So it makes sense to have a look at ShipSupport's water quality analysis section. Products on offer include:
  • Conductivity meters - Play a useful role in assessing the effectiveness of desalination processes.
  • Hydrometers - Designed to measure the density of fluids, giving an indication of their composition.
  • Electrodes and meters - Used to provide automatic pH readouts, and sometimes connected to digital displays.
  • Refractometers - Use light to establish the composition of fluids, including detecting hazardous chemicals in drinking water or fuels.

Buy  Water Analysis Instruments and Kits at Shipsupport

Water analysis products in the ShipSupport catalogue can help you keep ballast compliant, avoid corrosion from saltwater, measure the purity of fuels, and maintain clean, healthy water supplies. Whatever type of analysis equipment you need, buying online is the best route to take.

When purchasing maritime liquid analysis equipment, you might also want to explore our entire Measure & Instrumentation, assortment. Avoid order splitting- consolidate all your liquid analysis products with any other ElectricalHydraulic or Maritime Safety products your vessel needs. We will consolidate your order and ship it worldwide. Ordering is easy, transparent and it is also possible to apply for a credit line. Do you have a question about our water analysis products or missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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