Linear Measurement

Measurement is a crucial aspect of the maritime industry, whether we're talking about ensuring that cargo is properly secured or whether materials are thick and strong enough to withstand the pressures. It is essential for vessel operators to have a stock of linear measurement devices to assess distance, thicknesses, lengths, depths - all of the metrics that come into play. Ensure precise linear measurement and explore our range of reliable measuring devices by Facom, Bahco, Sauter, Mitutoyo, Fluke, Leica and other renown maritime instrumentation brands.

Choose the Right Linear Measurement Instruments from Our Catalogue

At ShipSupport, we provide a simple way to find all kinds of linear measurement tools and accessories. Our catalogue includes a diverse selection of simple everyday accessories, including industrial tape measures, spirit levels, rules, thread pitch gauges, ring gauges, feeler gauges, and measuring wheels. We also offer more complex linear measuring instruments, such as Stanley digital distance meters, micrometers, thickness meters, and plunge dial indicators. All product categories feature leading brands, so whether you want a Mitutoyo micrometer or some Starrett calipers, finding the correct products will be a breeze.

Buy Linear Measurement Tools Online from ShipSupport

Most marine industrial operations require a range of linear measuring devices, and ShipSupport is the best place to find them. Buyers can easily filter our catalogue by types of measuring device, brand, series, and price, before selecting items that match their needs and budgets. We are innovative and transparent; each product comes with a fixed unit price, as well as the estimated ready-to-ship time, while additional shipping charges can be calculated before ordering. We also consolidate your orders and deliver them worldwide, so if you are purchasing linear measurement instruments, do not forget to explore our entire Measure & Instruments Catalogue. Add to your basket all calibratorsthermometersclampmeters as well as all other maritime tools and consumables your crews need and have them delivered on one order and in one shipment. Do you have a question about our products or are you missing a model from a brand that we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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