Light & Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement

Electromagnetic radiation and light are emitted by several devices. As both light and radiation have their own wavelengths, it’s important to measure and control them. Light measurement and electromagnetic testing are important on any vessel, so ensure you have the very best testing equipment on board.

Your Supplier of Quality Light Meters and Emission Detectors

At ShipSupport, we offer testing equipment of the highest quality — from world-leading manufacturers such as Martindale, Metrix and RS PRO. An electromagnetic field meter is used to measure both the direction and strength of a magnetic field. But different EM testers possess different specifications, including accuracy, resolution, battery life, frequency range and operating temperature. As well as an electromagnetic radiation meter, you should have a light measurement tool on board your vessel at all times. Fortunately, the light measurement tools available from ShipSupport include everything you need, including sensors, probes, and cables. Microwave emission detectors are used to ensure appliances are operating within strict safety limits. There are wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and handheld models available, so you can choose the setup that works best.


Buy Light Measurement Tools and EM Testers at ShipSupport

Whether you need an electrosmog meter or a light measurement tool, you’ll find exactly what you need at ShipSupport. Also, our catalog goes well beyond Light & Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement. When ordering light or EM test equipment, feel free to explore our entire Measure and Instruments Catalogue. Combine your new meters and detectors with any other electricalhydraulicsafety products or maritime consumables needed. Ordering is easy and different payment options are possible. There is no need to look for a local supplier of microwave/emission detectors close to your project site - we will deliver your order worldwide, while the transport costs can be calculated easily using our shipping costs calculator. Do you have a question or are you missing a light meter or emission detector in our catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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