Level & Angular Measurement

The ocean presents some of the most challenging work environments in the world, and that means you need tools that are up to the job. ShipSupport is proud to offer a wide selection of angle and level measures for engineering and construction projects in tough offshore conditions.

Items for level measurement and angular measurement

Made by trusted manufacturers such as Bosch, Leica, DeWalt, Fluke, Fisher and Mitutoyo, these professional grade tools have a variety of features that make them perfect for extreme job sites – for example, heat treated metals, drop tested casings, simple one button operation and mounts so that they can easily be fixed in place.  Shop here for durable, precision-made tools for shipboard engineering tasks.

Explore our angular and level measurement instruments

Buying angular measurement instruments online

From small individual items to extensive kits in custom made cases, shopping for angular measurement devices is a fast, efficient process at ShipSupport. Simply log on from anywhere in the globe to browse our extensive, up to date online catalogue. Or if you're not sure what you need, chat to one of our helpful support staff at service@shipsupport.com for some free expert advice.
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