Environmental Measurement

We understand that environment measurement is crucial for any engineering project – even more so in the tough and constantly changing conditions at sea. Getting the best out of your teams and technology means keeping track of the conditions in which they work. For any offshore planning, you need an all-round picture for your location. Accurate and industry-tested environmental equipment is your first line of defense for stopping problems before they start. Equip your crews with the right tools and explore our range of environment measurement devices from reliable brands such as Oregon Scientific, Fluke, Hanna Instruments or Testo.

Our Range Of Maritime Environmental Equipment 

Cross-check your forecasts with a range of portable barometers and weather stations with inbuilt humidity sensors: perfect as part of the control room kit, or for on-the-spot handheld monitoring. Temperature and humidity measurement is all about the operating environment of your machinery: our range of thermohygrometers will give you an instant read on key equipment and its working conditions, from handhelds and monitors to all the kit and accessories. And not forgetting our selection of moisture and other environmental meters, including infrared models. Designed for wood, brick and other construction materials, they’re vital in identifying leads and damp. For a more in-depth examination, programmable moisture analyzers give a detailed breakdown. 

Buy Environmental Monitoring Equipment in Our Maritime One-Stop-Shop

Our catalogue is intuitive and product are groups based on your needs and applications. We believe in transparency. You will find here not only full technical specifications but also unit prices, transport charges and ready-to-ship times. We consolidate your orders and ship them to your project sites worldwide. 

When investing in your new environmental measurement devices, explore our extensive Measuring & Instrumentation catalogue. Add to your basket all necessary electrical test equipment, power measurement devices, calibrators, and multimeters as well as all other products and consumables your vessel needs. Do you have a question about our service, our products or are you missing an model from a brand which we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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