Electronic Component Testing

Electronic testing is vital: for project completion, for the lifespan of your equipment, and for the safety of your teams. We’ve put together a range of electronic test equipment that’s reliable and robust enough for your maritime and offshore operations: from the simplest handheld electronic testers to high-spec LCR meters. Explore our broad catalogue of reliable electronic test devices from reliable brands such as Time Electronic, Chauvin Arnoux and Megger.

Our Range of Electronic Testing Equipment

We’ve selected some of the best equipment for testing electronic components, so you can identify the tools you need. Take our choice of decade boxes, which go from essential basics to bigger and more complex models. For a quick spot-check on electronic assets, we stock a number of components and IC testers – all simple and intuitive to use. Similarly, we offer ohmmeters that range from quick-check handheld devices up to 200 O, all the way to robust main systems testers with a maximum resistance measurement of 2500 O. You’ll also find an impressive selection of LCR meters, for a precise and instant read-out of your system’s operation. When highly specialized electronic equipment is keeping your project running, proper testing and monitoring could be the best investment you make.

Buy Electronic Testing Kits in Our Maritime One-Stop-Shop

Whether you’re procuring electronic testing equipment for a specific project, or simply updating your toolkit with the latest monitoring devices, ShipSupport can help you find the right product. Our online catalogue groups all our electronic testers in simple, common-sense categories. Each product listing clearly shows the price, manufacturer name and any key specifications, as well as the estimated ready-to-ship times, while additional shipping charges can be calculated during the ordering process. We simply believe in full price transparency.

We also consolidate your orders and ship them to your project sites worldwide, so if you are purchasing electronic testers, explore our entire Measuring & Instrumentation catalogue. Add to your basket all other sensors, transmitters, test leadscalibrators, and multimeters as well as all other components and consumables your vessel needs. Do you have a question about our service, our products or are you missing a certain new model from a brand that we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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