Electrical Installation Testing & Accessories

A safe electrical installation is essential. Whether it’s for systems diagnostics and troubleshooting, or as part of your predictive maintenance, the right electrical installation testing helps to keep your teams’ operations effective and safe. We’ve assembled the latest electronic installation essentials: from RCD testers and insulation testers, through to complete earth & ground resistance testing kits. Explore our range of products from Megger, Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux and other renown brands:

Your First Choice for Electrical Installation & Insulation Testers

Our range of electrical installation testing equipment isn’t just for spot checks. Many of the earth and ground resistance testers we offer include data storage and easy USB download, for feeding real-time information into performance and safety systems. You’ll find portable digital transformer ratiometers with fully automatic test functions. And the handheld electrical testers include models with Insulation Pre-Test safety function, and smart connectivity so you can transfer test data directly to your phone, and create one-click safety certifications. We have the basics covered too: from loop impedance tester leads to insulation tester probes, cables, and clips. When your project runs on highly specialist equipment, reliable monitoring and testing is the best investment your project can make. 

Buy Electrical Installation, Insulation, Loop Impedance & RCD Testers Online 

Whether you’re looking for a full electrical tester kit, or simply bringing your toolkit up to date with the latest electrical installation testing devices, ShipSupport can guide you to the right product. When purchasing electrical installation testing instruments, you might also want to explore our entire Measure & Instrumentation, assortment. Avoid order splitting - consolidate all your liquid analysis products with any other Electrical Hydraulic or Maritime Safety products your vessel crew needs. Shipsupport consolidates your orders and ships it worldwide. Ordering is easy, prices are always transparent and it is also possible to apply for a credit line and pay on invoice. Do you have a question about our electrical testers or missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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