When managing complex on-board machinery and electronics, it's essential to know exactly how much power is being delivered. That way, you can ensure that the risk of damage is minimised, and guarantee that equipment works at peak efficiency. Current & voltage calibrators make it easy to measure the power flowing through key circuits, providing instant feedback for both AC and DC devices.

Choose the Right Calibrators and Calibrator Accessories 

Different situations require different forms of calibrator, but ShipSupport covers every eventuality. Our catalogue includes a comprehensive selection of different varieties, including multi-function calibrators, multimeter calibrators and single-use current & voltage calibrators. All major brands are represented, such as Fluke, Druck, Time Electronic, and Chauvin Arnoux - and you'll find models rated for different currents and voltages. 

Buy Calibrators and Calibrator Accessories on ShipSupport

Don't take any risks with everyday operations. Instead, buy calibrators from a supplier you can trust, and provide your equipment with the power it needs. ShipSupport's online store is an easy way to procure all marine supplies. Add the calibrators and accessories you need to your online basket, and order in a couple of clicks. Devices can be shipped to locations in any part of the world, whenever they are needed. And if the specifications you need aren't available, feel free to make a request. If we carry the brand you need, our Customer Service team may well be able to source unlisted calibration tools that your vessel requires, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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