Audio & Video Connectors

Audio connectors and video connectors are vital to the maritime industry today. Good communication is essential whether you are equipping a yacht, a cargo ship or a cruiser. Audio cable connectors and video connectors from the top brands you can see in our online store allow you to create the communications set up you desire. And you are looking for audio & video cables, you will find these in our Audio Video Cables Catalogue.

Audio Video Connection You Can Count On

Basics like jack plugs or specialised pieces such as high-performance audio adapters can all be sourced from our range of audio and video connectors. Choosing high-grade, tried and tested audio-video connectors from our specially selected collection will enable you to create a failsafe system that you can tailor to your needs. Some of the essential items we recommend include:
  • Audio & Video Connector Adapters
  • Audio & Video Connector Accessories, Faceplates, Patch Panels
  • Video essentials including HDMI Connectors, HDMI Adapters, DVI Connectors
  • Loudspeaker Connectors, Jack Plugs, RCA, XLR Connectors and other. 
If you are looking for audio and video cables, you will find these in our Audio Video Cables Catalogue

Buy Audio Video Connection products For Your Vessel at ShipSupport

Instead of having to shop around for separate pieces to build the onboard audio video connection that really fits your needs, why not visit our online store?  Our catalogue goes well beyond audio and video connectors. When ordering video or audio cable connectors and accessories for your vessel, feel free to explore our entire Electrical Connectors Catalogue. Combine your audio and video cable connectors with any electrical cableselectrical products or consumables needed. Ordering is easy and different payment options are possible. Do not compromise on quality - there is no need to look for a local supplier of audio and video connection accessories close to your project site - we will deliver your order worldwide, while the transport costs can be calculated easily using our shipping costs calculator. Do you have a question or are you missing a certain video, audio connector or adapter in our catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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