Spill Clean Up

When spillages occur, it's essential to have clean-up equipment ready for immediate use. Sometimes, spillages could pose simple slip or trip hazards and can be resolved with standard spill clean up tools, but on other occasions, heavy duty pumps could be needed to remove large quantities of fluid. In situations when oil or chemicals have been released, specialist technology will be needed to capture and remove it safely. Whatever type of spill your vessel encounters, you'll find the right clean up products at ShipSupport.

Stock up on Spill Control Equipment and Accessories

Every vessel requires a different combination of spill control accessories, but ShipSupport caters for all requirements. There are absorbents for everyday spillages, including variants that are adapted to neutralise and absorb harmful chemicals, as well as materials  designed to safely absorb oil. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and volumes, and dispensers are available as well. Our catalogue also includes spill control mats, drain covers, berms, protected bags for waste disposal, storage drums, and handy trays - everything you need to put together a comprehensive chemical or oil spill kit.

Buy Marine Spill Kit Equipment Online With ShipSupport

Whether you need a few rolls of absorbent paper, or more sophisticated marine oil spill response equipment, ShipSupport's online store is the best place to shop. Buyers will find leading brands, including Lubetech, RS Pro, Rubbermaid, and 3M. You can buy individual products, or fully-featured kits. Our team will be happy to assist you finding the most suitable spill management kit for your needs. Be prepared for spillage emergencies, and ensure that vessels remain clean and safe by placing an order today.

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