First Aid & Emergency Equipment, Kits & Supplies

Maritime crew members are exposed to slips and falls, they might sustain burns from chemicals or high temperatures. Exposure to high voltage electronics, toxic fumes, and the ever-present risk of immersion in sub-zero water are all serious risks. Because of this, all responsible vessel operators need to ensure that they have the appropriate emergency supplies. That way, they can create marine workplaces that are safe, healthy and productive.

Explore our Catalogue of First Aid Equipment 

Many different products contribute to first aid supplies on board modern vessels, and ShipSupport is a one-stop store where you can find all of them. Our catalogue is the place to look for staples like bandages, slings, plasters, and scissors, but we also carry a wide range of first aid kits. There are specialist eyewash kits to deal with exposure to chemicals, products to aid biohazard disposal, and simple but essential products like sanitisers. We also sell kits for vehicles, which could be used in docks or on board, along with stretchers, manuals, and all-important accident report books.

ShipSupport Makes it Easy to Buy First Aid Supplies Online

Prepare for emergencies at sea – purchase all necessary first aid supplies as well as any other maritime products at ShipSupport. From small washers and bolts to complex spare parts and dredging equipment – you will find it all in our store. We accept credit card payments and we offer our clients credit lines. Ordering is easy and deliveries can be made to locations in all parts of the world. Do you have questions regarding our products? Feel free to contact our Customer Service.

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