Fire Alarms, Systems, Accessories & Testers

Fire is a constant danger on board marine vessels. To counter this major hazard, it is essential to have the right mix of fire alarms and mitigation systems and to test them regularily using reliable smoke detector testers. That way, crews can be alerted by fire alarm systems before fires become a critical threat and they can take action to extinguish them as quickly as possible.

Build the Right Fire Alarm Monitoring Setup with the ShipSupport Catalogue

At ShipSupport, we make arranging fire alarm installation easy. Buyers can source multiple alarms to detect both flames and smoke from reliable brands like FireHawk, ABUS, and BRK. These can be coupled with fire alarm call points to summon help when needed, test accessories to ensure that alarms remain in proper working order, and control panels for fire alarm monitoring systems and detect alerts when they arise. We also provide a full selection of fire alarm accessories, including auxillary relays, break glass covers, detector removal tools, and many more essentials. If you want to fine tune your fire alarm equipment, there's no better place to shop.

Buy Fire Alarms, Systems, Accessories and Testers Online

Fire safety is not an area to cut corners, so it's really important to find a merchant you can trust to supply high-quality products whenever they are needed. ShipSupport sells the most reliable alarms and accessories from leading brands and our lead times are very short. We can deliver promptly to locations around the world, and are happy to put together complex orders with all of the products needed to kit out entire vessels. Don't take risks with safety on board. Shop at ShipSupport and ensure that your crew and cargo is protected at all times.

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