CCTV & Security Surveillance

Whether you're in a dock or at sea, CCTV is an important tool not only for security but also for the smooth running of you. r ship. ShipSupport is your convenient shopping solution for CCTV security cameras as well as a comprehensive list of accessories from reliable manufacturers such as Panasonic & Abus. Here you'll find what you need to capture, transmit and record high-quality pictures even in conditions of low visibility.

Explore our CCTV surveillance options

  • Select from a choice of indoor and outdoor cameras, with features such as rugged housing, power over ethernet (POE) capability for simple installation, compatibility with wireless networks and resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.
  • Benefit from the great image quality and sharp detail of our varifocal lenses, many with automatic zoom and focus features, able to adapt to changeable lighting conditions.
  • Enjoy remote access to your security cameras with transmission and receiving accessories such as signal amplifiers, noise filters, Wi-Fi dongles and long range Ethernet and POE transceivers.
  • Back up hours of surveillance footage with digital video recorders able to record from as many as 16 cameras at once, storing in the region of 20 TB of data.
  • Link up your network with quick-connecting BNC coaxial power cables.
  • Complete your system with a selection of high definition LED monitors.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your security surveillance with convex mirrors made of tough acrylic.
  • Ward off intruders with convincingly detailed dummy cameras.

Buy CCTV equipment at ShipSupport

The maritime industry needs and deserves a trusted, reliable service for spare parts, especially when it comes to vital security systems. Our CCTV equipment catalog is intuitive and transparent. Planning scheduled works is easy - users are able to browse with ease, see each item’s prices, transport costs and ready-to-ship times. Ordering is simple and we take care of the delivery up to a chosen destination worldwide. Payments are easy to make and it is also possible to apply for a credit line.

We do not only deliver CCTV items, instead, we are a maritime one-stop-shop. When shopping for CCTV products, do not forget to explore also our full range of other Maritime Safety Products and Electrical Equipment in order to source and deliver all needed items on one order. Are you missing a certain part number from a brand that we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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