Control Relays

Control relays play an important role in today's electrical systems. They are used to monitor e.g. current, voltage, phase presence and sequence values and halt operation if the device is not functioning properly. They are used to protect, monitor and alert the crew so that malfunctions can be resolved and expensive breakdowns prevented. Available in a range of formats, these small components need to be reliable, accurate, and long-lasting - especially in demanding conditions.

Find the Right Control Relay Products at ShipSupport

Our collection of industrial control relay and control relay module products includes both impulse and monitoring relays. All major relay brands are represented, such as Scheider Electric, Eaton, Legrand, and Siemens, so if you are loyal to a specific company, it should be possible to find replacement relays. In addition, the catalog features a selection of signal conditioning equipment from Jumo, EYC, Brodersen, and many other brands. This means that assembling the parts for on-board electronics should be simple.

Buy Marine Control Relay Products the Easy Way

Purchasing control relays doesn't have to be time-consuming or complex. Instead, we provide a streamlined platform to find and buy not only the right impulse and monitoring relays but all electrical products that vessel operators require. When purchasing relays explore our entire Automation & Control Gear catalog to purchase all equipment you might need. We consolidate and deliver your orders worldwide and for competitive shipping rates. Missing a certain model from a brand we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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