Contactors allow technicians to create and maintain electronic systems that modern vessels rely on. They are integral components used in, among others, electric motors, lighting and on-board climate control systems. When sourcing electrical contactors, it's essential to find reliable suppliers that offer the highest-quality products. That way, vessel owners can minimise the risk of defective parts, and ensure smooth operating at all times.

The Many Types of Contactors Available at the ShipSupport Website

We provide an easy way to source all types of marine contactors. Our catalogue covers every style of contactor in use on today's shipping. It also includes the world's leading brands, including big names like Allen Bradley, ABB, and Eaton. You'll find auxiliary contactors, contactors featuring precise timers, and more sophisticated contactor relay overloads for complex switching requirements. There are contactors from all of the most common series, and it's possible to filter the selection according to height, length, width, and price. There's no better place to hunt for the components you need.

Buy Contactors Online and Make Restocking Components Simple

Purchasing marine contactors as well as all other electrical components couldn't be easier.  Ordering at ShipSupport is an easy and efficient way to procure the products you need for smooth vessel operation. Buyers can instantly find specific components via our search facility and have their orders delivered worldwide. Our shipping charges are very competitive and our Customer Service is ready to assist you with any question you might have.

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