Lifesaving Equipment

Marine crews are exposed to potentially life-threatening hazards every day. From falling overboard to sudden health emergencies, hazards can appear at any time, which is why all vessels should invest in appropriate life-saving equipment. This safety equipment varies widely, from standard life floats to winch harnesses, flares, warning lights, and respirators, whatever you require to keep crews safe, ShipSupport can help.

Our Life Saving Systems

Our catalogue covers all of the major forms of life-saving devices. If you need to protect crew members from the inhalation of toxins or guard against drowning, our breathing and respiratory section is the place to look. The signals, lights, and communication department feature line throwers and pyrotechnics, including SOLAS approved products from major safety brands like Restech. And in the transfer, descent, and recovery section, you'll find products like buoys and floats, alongside rescue hooks and harnesses. Our catalogue only features leading brands, and products of the highest quality and the diverse range of safety devices makes it easy to stock up for any marine operations.

Buy Life Saving Products Online from ShipSupport

ShipSupport is a convenient place to order life-saving products. You can rely on our products to meet the highest safety standards.
When buying marine lifesaving equipment, do not forget to explore also our entire catalogue of relevant maritime Maritime Safety Products as well as any other Tools & ConsumablesElectricalHydraulic products and buy all you need on one combined order. We are a maritime one-stop-shop and what sets us apart is transparency. No matter which maritime products you are looking for– our prices and shipping costs to the final destination are always easy to check online. We will consolidate your order and deliver it worldwide. Do you have a question about our marine lifesaving products or are you missing certain lifesaving equipment? Contact our Customer Service and we will get back to you shortly.   

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